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Fair Housing Advocacy Committee

2018-09-27 18:56:21| PortlandOnline

plans local federal resources to affirmatively further fair housing and access to opportunity.

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Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP Form)

2018-04-26 00:18:02| PortlandOnline

Download and save the AFMHP form to your computer. The form can be filled out by tabbing through each field. Required reporting is every five years. If updating is required, the portal will identify this requirement.

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Fair Housing Proclamation

2018-03-07 07:26:44| PortlandOnline

Word Document, 19kbCategory: March

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Fair Housing Talking Points

2018-03-07 07:26:02| PortlandOnline

Word Document, 27kbCategory: March

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City of Portland Fair Housing Ordinance

2017-08-31 19:02:52| PortlandOnline

Tags: city fair housing portland


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