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2019-01-17 23:43:55| AutomotiveDigest.com - Automotive Industry News

Learn What Kills a Deal and Why? How New Platform from The Appraisal Lane Solves the Customer Vehicle Valuation ProblemBR> The Appraisal Lane team utilizes Black Book valuation data in conjunction with market insights and deep appraisal knowledge across all makes and models to assess each used vehicle on its own merit and provides consumers with the best possible cash offer. How Data Science & Human Market Knowledge Combine to make Vehicle Appraisal More Accurate, Fair, & Profitable: Black Book and The Appraisal Lane share the same fundamentals of combining data science with human touch to most accurately determine a vehicles value, BlackBook values, coupled with The Appraisal Lanes live cash offers, effectively put the dealership trade-in process right in the palm of a consumers hand. Dealers that offer this experience are poised to improve customer engagement, increase business, and stand apart from the competition. Study this PDF document for just how this breakthrough vehicle appraisal process works The Article <a href="https://automotivedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/TAL-BB-Partnership-.pdf"> <img src="https://automotivedigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/TAL-UC--450x253.jpg" alt width="450" height="253" class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-202183"><strong><span style="Font-size:150%;">BLACK BOOK & THE APPRAISAL LANE TEAM UP TO GIVE CONSUMERS THE TRADE-IN EXPERIENCE THEY REALLY WANT</span></strong></a> appeared first on Automotive Digest.

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Gillette Ad Is a Hit with Consumers

2019-01-17 19:00:00| Happi Breaking News

Men-must-do-better message resonates, says Ace Metrix.

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Groundbreaking research answers what U.S. consumers eat and why

2019-01-10 17:00:00| National Hog Farmer

The research approach, which combines 10,000 interviews with demographic and spending data to provide a comprehensive look at how U.S. consumers eat, is a first-ever for the meat industry.

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Toluna surveys technology interests of U.S. consumers

2019-01-08 15:50:54| Digital TV News

Toluna has released research on consumer electronics and technology trends ahead of CES. The company has studied US consumer adoption, purchase intent, and tech-influenced trends heading into the New Year.

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Smithfield contest encourages consumers to 'Shake It Up' with pork

2019-01-08 15:26:00| National Hog Farmer

Entries will be judged and scored on the originality and creativity of the dish, how well the dish encompasses the contest theme and the overall photo quality.

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