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Vaccination strategies in the context of antibiotic reduction

2018-03-14 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

Prof. Paolo Martelli, DVM, Diplomate ECPHM, President of the ECPHM, Full Professor of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Parma University, Italy, outlines how to achieve swine herd immunity based on recent scientific findings. Adapted from remarks given at BIOMIN Antibiotic-free Days in November 2017.

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New Pierburg air blower with speed-controlled motor for reduction of gasoline engine emissions

2018-03-13 17:57:07| Green Car Congress

Tags: air engine motor reduction


Food Waste Reduction, Recovery and Organics Recycling for Supermarkets and Distribution Centers

2018-03-12 18:27:22| Waste Age

Insights into the economics and cause & effect of the landfill disposal of supermarket profits. Organics recycling for distribution centers. Click here for more conference program sessions from WasteExpo 2017.

Tags: food distribution reduction recovery


Models and case Studies of Food Waste Reduction, Collection and Recovery at Universities and Other Institutions

2018-03-12 18:27:22| Waste Age

Topics in this session include: Production First Waste Reduction: A Model for Institutional Food Waste UNC Greensboro Spartan Dining's Food Recovery Programs and Initiatives Food Recovery Success at Denison University Michigan State University Re

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Vaccination strategies in the context of antibiotic reduction

2018-03-08 01:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

The concept of One Health represents very new terminology, but there is nothing new about the interaction between animals, humans and the environment. The interactions between these three areas are increasingly overlapping so that veterinary medicine, human medicine and the environment are becoming more and more closely linked. This is why the concept is called One Health.

Tags: context reduction strategies antibiotic


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