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Feb. 14, 2020: Cryptosporidium Monitoring Update

2020-02-14 18:42:26| PortlandOnline

Tags: feb update monitoring cryptosporidium


Feb. 7, 2020: Cryptosporidium Monitoring Update

2020-02-07 17:52:21| PortlandOnline

Tags: feb update monitoring cryptosporidium


Testing of oral fluids in pigs could improve ASF monitoring

2020-02-06 11:21:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

The Swine Health Information Center is exploring the use of oral fluids as a new tool to detect and manage African swine fever.

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Climate Scientist for L1 Processing Requirements of CO2 Monitoring Mission

2020-02-05 09:14:50| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Solenix is specialized in the provision of highquality software engineering, technical consulting and operations services in the aerospace domain. This vacancy note concerns an onsite consulting position at EUMETSAT in Darmstadt, Germany. Climate Scientist for L1 Processing Requirements of CO2 Monitoring Mission 2013012 Job Description We are looking for a Climate Scientist for our client EUMETSAT. You shall support the activities concerning the requirements definition of a future operational CO2ISNO2IS level1 processor. Your responsibilities will focus on three main activities of which only a brief overview is provided below. Activity 1 Data processing steps, inverse processing methods, and error propagation consider a processing environment in which the CO2IS level1b processing is provided with raw instrument data counts in binary units as level0 input formatted in CCSDS ISPs, including housekeeping telemetry data, from all four hyperspectral channels VIS, NIR, SWIR12, as well as with CLIM calibrated radiances and cloud detection information at CLIM native resolution in order to 1. evaluate the performance requirements timeliness and availability for the production of calibrated level1b radiance and irradiance products 2. evaluate results of any preexisting scientific and engineering results and associated preexisting ATBDs or technical notes from predecessor instrumentations, in particular Sentinel5, 3. analyse the results of ongoing or finalised studies, in particular the results of the industrial Phase AB studies 4. propose efficient inverse methods transforming level0 raw instrument counts in calibrated level1b radiance and irradiance data including error propagation 5. propose the efficient application of instrument keydata and use of inorbit calibration, as well as routine solar and lunar measurement data in the processing 6. propose a robust implementation of the processing of different instrument observation modes dark side eclipse, sunglint and nominal nadir, as well as the potential use of multiplatform Activity 2 Scientific Algorithm Data Flows and Functional Requirements contribute to the definition of the requirements of the data flow and functional chain in order to size the operational level1 processing and specify the implementation of future inverse algorithms and methods. propose a functional flow of inverse methods for the level0 to 1 processing and establish, document and maintain a list of parameters including input and output for each applied inverse method and the corresponding error propagation. In particular, the functional flows shall include the efficient and robust treatment of changing instrument modes over the orbit, the retrieval, usage and update of instrument keydata, and the acquisition and usage of infight calibration and ancillary data for continuous online calibration. propose, establish and maintain an output and auxiliary data format description in technical notes and xml tables and conform to CF metadata convention with a focus on consistency of the most recent netCDF product formats of the predecessor instruments, in particular Sentinel5. Activity 3 Preparation of testdata and evaluation of processing performance produce a set of processing tests and corresponding testdata sets to evaluate the level1 processing performance. provide support to the production of ToA CO2M testdata. You will also be involved in the outreach efforts, which will include prepare at least one web story presenting new scientific results from this activity shall be prepared for publication on the EUMETSAT web site. contribute content for EUMETSATs scientific study web pages containing the essential information about the project, results and reports. prepare material suitable for presentation to scientific conferencesworkshops, such as the EUMETSAT Conference. Required Skills and Experience a university degree and related experience outstanding expertise in the calibration of imager and spectrometer of the CO2ISNO2IS class of instruments, orand with the previously proposed CarbonSat Earth Explorer mission is a prerequisite. significant experiences in the calibration of raw instrument data from hyperspectral pushbroom grating spectrometers operation in the near and shortwave infrared region. experience with product science, hyperspectral VISNIRSWIR instrument onground and inorbit calibrations, operational level0 to 1 processing and scientific software development. excellent knowledge of scientific foundations and relevant algorithm stateoftheart expertise of the full processing chain with understanding of instrumental and modelling error sources. good knowledge of the instrument and its capabilities for the requested algorithmtechnique. experience with development of modular, clearly readable and adaptable scientific software. Desirable Skills and Experience experience in radiometric calibration of visible grating spectrometer data, as well as experience with CCD and CMOS detectors. Work Location Darmstadt, Germany Dates Application Deadline 04 March 2020 Start of Work April 2020 Important Notes Before applying to this position, please read the page Notes to Applicants on the Solenix website under Career. Applicants must be EU citizens or have a valid work and residence permit in Germany. Security, identity and reference checks on the candidates are part of the recruitment process. Job Application Please send your applications electronically to careersolenix.ch before the application deadline 04 March 2020 Learn more about us in Facebook

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Jan. 31, 2020: Cryptosporidium Monitoring Update

2020-01-31 20:44:04| PortlandOnline

Tags: jan update monitoring cryptosporidium


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