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Highlights from Day Two of the Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference

2018-10-19 14:32:00| Waste Age

Day two of the conference featured a number of education sessions focused on the impact of Chinas import ban and improving recycling.

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Code Quiz: Equipotential Planes & Agricultural Buildings

2018-10-18 17:28:31| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

ln agricultural buildings, an equipotential plane (per definition), is intended to _______ within the plane and between the planes, the grounded equipment, and the earth. A) prevent shock B) equalize stray currents C) minimize voltage differences D)

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Takeaways from Day One of the Paper & Plastics Recycling Conference

2018-10-18 14:34:00| Waste Age

The conference, being held this week in Chicago, addresses the biggest challenges and opportunities in the recycling sector.

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WeWork and SoftBank Billionaire Need Each Other: Laurent & Webb

2018-10-10 19:26:15| National Real Estate Investor

The idea of SoftBank pouring more money into WeWork at a valuation of $35 billion just a year after it invested at a $20 billion valuation will no doubt bring to mind the image of a bubble.

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On industry division & export growth

2018-10-10 03:28:42| Beef

As industry organizations butt heads and differ on strategies and policies, beef producers should focus less on division and internal fighting and more on this great news: beef exports continue to climb at a tremendous rate!

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