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Cummins unveils hydrogen fuel cell truck as tech demonstrator

2019-10-30 14:57:00| Green Car Congress

Tags: cell tech truck fuel


MIT engineers develop efficient means of carbon capture using electrochemical cell

2019-10-27 10:55:44| Green Car Congress

Tags: means mit cell develop


Umicore opens new facility for the production of fuel cell catalysts in Korea

2019-10-25 12:55:39| Green Car Congress

Tags: production cell korea facility


Stem cell studies look toward producing leaner pigs with more meat

2019-10-16 23:53:00| National Hog Farmer

The Roslin Institute team is carrying out the work, in collaboration with an industry partner, to generate a laboratory model of pig muscle.

Tags: with cell studies producing


Argonne and University of Illinois to form Midwest Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Coalition

2019-10-14 11:55:44| Green Car Congress

Tags: form university cell illinois


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