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Technology Embrace It or Die!

2018-07-15 12:00:40| MANAonline.org

by John Sandifer, SanCo Sales, Inc. It is to be expected that with any major change in the way the independent manufacturers representative conducts his business that change is going to be accompanied by negatives and positives. So it is

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House prices: The areas where homes never cost 1m or more

2018-07-06 22:58:02| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Sixteen areas of England and Wales have not seen a seven-figure property sale in the last decade.

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Reality Check: Fishing after Brexit - sink or swim?

2018-07-04 01:11:16| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

BBC Reality Check looks at the government's promise of taking back control of UK fishing waters.

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Carlos Ghosn: Why car makers must adapt - or die

2018-07-01 08:55:40| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Carlos Ghosn says traditional car companies face many challenges in an era of automation and electrification.

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Australia triples NBN orders for wholesale speed tiers of 50 Mbps or higher

2018-06-18 07:33:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) Australians are increasingly switching to faster internet retail plans, with 70 percent of new orders on the NBN access network being now based on wholesale speeds tiers of 50 Mbps for download or higher, according to a report from NBN Co, the company building Australia's broadband network. The report further shows that, since December 2017, orders for wholesale speed tiers of 50 Mbps or higher have almost tripled, increasing from 16 percent to 44 percent, with average bandwidth network congestion reduced from more than five hours to less than 30 minutes per service, per week compared to this time last year (excluding Sky Muster satellite).

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