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Rumblings in the Cloud

2020-02-10 20:15:59| TechNewsWorld

One of the old sayings is that there are "lies, damned lies and statistics," with the implication being you really can't trust most reported numbers. Still, we've often thought, at least with major vendors, that you could trust rankings. One current set of rankings involves cloud providers. The general impression was that Amazon was first, Microsoft second, and Google third.

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With entire lion pride in Gir caged for first time rumblings in jungle

2016-06-11 13:56:00| Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming Newsfeed

Indian Express: As the sun pales on a sweltering summer day, sharecropper Raju Charola, 33, his wife Champa and mother Labhu quickly tuck into their dinner of potato curry, chapati and mango pickle, inches from their makeshift chullah, at a farm in Ambardi village in Dhari taluka of Amreli. Darkness descends quickly, with the eight-hour agricultural power supply to these parts snapped at 7 pm. The water of the Shetruji river laps nearby, but the three hold their ears out for what lies just beyond -- the 400-hectare...

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UnitedHealth public exchange losses fuel secession rumblings 1:10 pm...

2016-01-20 21:06:43| Beverages - Topix.net

UnitedHealth Group Inc., which has threatened to exit the public health insurance exchange business, recorded a $475 million loss from policies sold on the exchanges in 2015, more than $300 million greater than the losses the insurer projected just two months before. But despite the significant hit to United's earnings and more losses expected for 2016, many insurance experts - and United's rival health insurers - still see promise in the exchange business.

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Rumblings in the Browser World

2013-04-11 14:00:00| TechNewsWorld

There may never be any shortage of topics to debate and discuss here in the Linux blogosphere, but it's not often that we see not just one but two major developments happening in the same area on the same day. That, however, is just what happened last week in the world of browsers. The day started off just like any other ordinary Wednesday; then news about Servo and Blink arrived, and it quickly became clear fate had more in store.

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