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When should you buy those next 100 cows?

2019-06-12 18:15:00| Beef

Ideally, you should buy cows that would calve during the next cycle peak period and sell as culls near the next peak in cull prices. But when exactly? Harlan looks at the data.

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Breeding beef cows back after a tough winter

2019-06-10 16:24:00| Beef

Buckeye Beef Brief: Thinner cows also produce calves with lower weaning weights.

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Cows of the Seedstock 100

2019-04-16 17:09:00| Beef

Check out BEEFs tribute to the cows that make good bulls possible.

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Flooded cattle country continues to send cows to packing plants

2019-04-04 22:48:00| Beef

Feeder cattle prices continue higher, but flooded out cow country impacts slaughter cow prices.

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High nitrate hay kills more than 200 cows

2019-03-11 22:48:00| Beef

Nitrate poisoning causing death in Missouri cattle, MU specialists say.

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