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High nitrate hay kills more than 200 cows

2019-03-11 22:48:00| Beef

Nitrate poisoning causing death in Missouri cattle, MU specialists say.

Tags: high hay kills cows


Cows need to earn their keep during calving season

2019-03-06 18:54:00| Beef

Theres still time to vote for your favorite Next Generation Females photograph! Winners will be announced March 12.

Tags: season earn cows calving


Separating fact from fiction on farting cows

2019-03-06 18:08:00| Beef

Are the mainstream media and anti-beef activists correct in their accusations that cattle are a major contributor to climate change? Heres a look at the facts.

Tags: fiction fact separating cows


How to indentify your best cows sooner

2019-03-04 16:38:00| Beef

It has always been easy to look back and say what one should have done. What is needed, however, is a trigger signal before the fact.

Tags: sooner cows


More cows and fewer replacements

2019-03-02 02:26:00| Beef

Retention of heifers for replacement suggests a cyclical plateau sooner rather than later.

Tags: fewer replacements cows


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