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Polyester Chain Prices: PX, PTA, MEG and Fiber Prices (Weekly Report)

2018-07-16 19:24:00| EmergingTextiles.com

Polyester intermediate prices are staying very firm in Asia whatever the slight decline of PTA prices in the last week. PTA futures have recently rebounded in China, therefore triggering anticipations of higher prices on the paraxylene market, in addition. Our weekly report covers the polyester chain in Asia, including PX (paraxylene), PTA (purified terephthalic acid), MEG (mono-ethylene glycol), polyester chips, and polyester staple and filament prices. Asian Contract Prices (ACPs) are also available for the PX, PTA and MEG markets in Asia, with 5-year charts and downloadable historical data.

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Yarn Price Comparison: China vs India and Pakistan (Weekly Report)

2018-07-16 19:24:00| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton fiber prices have further risen in the last seven days in India and Pakistan, making it impossible for cotton spinners to lower their price offers. Polyester prices have further risen in Pakistan whereas viscose was declining in China. Our yarn comparison report offers a comprehensive view of 30s or 32s carded yarns in China, India and Pakistan, in local currency and US$ terms on a weekly basis over the last 12 months. 100% cotton, 100% polyester and 100% viscose are being covered with all data available for download.

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Cotton Prices on International and Domestic Markets (Weekly Report)

2018-07-16 14:21:51| EmergingTextiles.com

Cotton prices have surged in India and Pakistan in the past week, whereas sharply rebounding in New York after the US Department of Agriculture has retroactively lowered its stock estimates of the past years with the projection for the decisive stocks-to-use ratio therefore plunging in the next season. Our weekly cotton report covers the international futures market in New York and China, and the physical indicator "A Index". Domestic cotton prices in China, India and Pakistan are also reviewed through a large number of tables and charts. All data are available for download.

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Viscose Staple Fiber and Spun Yarn Prices (Weekly Report)

2018-07-16 14:21:51| EmergingTextiles.com

The viscose market prices are now dropping in China, in line with a lack of demand from downward processors. Pakistan and India could follow the same way, especially after the renminbi has today further dropped. Our weekly report covers the viscose/rayon staple fiber and filament markets over the last 12 months. Viscose spun yarn prices in China, India and Pakistan are also available. Cotton linter, cotton pulp and wood pulp prices on domestic and import markets are being tracked over the last 12 months, in addition.

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Nick's Mid-Year Report

2018-07-13 20:46:58| PortlandOnline

Nick Fish Blog, July 10, 2018

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