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Planning and Schedule Officer

2020-11-23 16:12:26| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Job Introduction Serco is among the leading Space Industry and Services Companies. We have over 40 years experience in supporting the space sector Since the creation of the European Space Agency ESA, our employees have been providing everyday their technical, scientific and management skills to support the full range of European cornerstone space missions. Serco and Proud Make a difference every day. We currently have an exciting opportunity for a Planning and Schedule Officer, based in Noordwijk Netherlands . Main Responsibilities The postholder will focus on the below main responsibilities Reporting directly to the HRE Head of Project Control and working on a daily basis with the project controllers and project teams of the OrionESM, IHAB and ESPRIT projects, the new team member will perform a range of tasks, as described in the description below Provide schedule support in major tender evaluations of the Gateway and OrionESM projects. Provide support to, andor participate in, contractual and technical negotiations for schedule aspects. Provide schedule support to the major technical reviews of the main projects in the Directorate to ensure schedule objectives are met. Support the projects in their schedule interactions with our International partners Assist the projects in the day to day schedule monitoring and control of its industrial consortium against the baseline schedule Conduct specific ad hoc schedule analysis of project activities as needed. Support the Risk management process of the Projects. Assist the HRE Project Control section in the design and implementation of new schedule control progress monitoring techniques. Scheduler tasks will bring the incumbent in contact with our projects Industrial consortia and with the international partner organisations NASA, JAXA, and CSA. Successful Candidate Because of the proactive nature of the work on schedule controlling that will be required, the post holder will also need to show Masters in Engineering or equivalent University degree from a recognised Institution of secondary studies or equivalent qualification in Business Administration, with relevant experience. Demonstrated expertise with the use of modern schedule software tools at least both MS Project, Primavera Expertise with the techniques that allow the use of such software tools to provide active schedule management and best scheduling practices Experience with the schedule peculiarities of spacecraft development is an asset Proactivity, good communication skills and attention to detail Ability to interact effectively with the technical personnel in our projects and colleagues of different backgrounds engineering, management, legal Capability to summarise and present complex information to colleagues and senior management in a concise and clear manner Capability to work autonomously and at the same time be able to work effectively as part of a team. Important Any offer of employment is contingent upon you providing documents to verify your identity and employment eligibility, as required by law. Applicants are reminded that they will be requested to produce such documentation during the recruitment process. Please contact a member of the recruitment team if you require further details of acceptable types of documentation required for verification of identity and work authorization. Data Protection When creating a profile on the Serco Career Centre you agreed to the Data Protection policy, a copy is available upon request.You may submit a written request revoking your consent to this agreement at any time.

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News Release: PPB & MCSO Planning with Partners for Upcoming Elections

2020-10-27 20:02:31| PortlandOnline

October 16, 2020

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Five golden rules of security planning in the AWS cloud

2020-10-19 18:17:19| The Webmail Blog

Five golden rules of security planning in the AWS cloud nellmarie.colman Mon, 10/19/2020 - 11:17   Whatever you put in the cloud, it needs to be secure from day one. When you choose Amazon Web Services (AWS), you have the confidence of knowing that AWS is securing the hardware, software, networking and facilities. But youre responsible for securing everything you put in the cloud, including: Customer data Platform, applications, identity and access management Operating system, network and firewall configuration Client-side data encryption and data integrity authentication Server-side encryption for your file systems and/or data Networking traffic protection, including encryption integrity and identity Security is a shared responsibility between you and AWS. So youve got to do your part. You cant risk exposing confidential data or being compromised, and so protection and monitoring for your AWS cloud environment is vital. In this article, I discuss the importance of security engineering through five golden rules to follow when planning and building your cloud environment  always with security in mind.   1. Security engineering should be your first step Always start with security. Once you know what youre going to do with your AWS cloud environment, but before you add data or apps, have proper security controls in place and a process that mandates that happening. There might be pressure to make things secure later too often, organizations prioritize other business goals. But unless you put security upfront, youll risk compromised environments, data loss and attacks by malicious actors  all before youve had the chance to put proper security controls in place.   2. One size does not fit all The security landscape is complex. There are many tools and ways to do things. Not every security solution or product is best suited to every environment and they all have different capabilities. You must use the most appropriate security tools and products, and adapt them to how you use your cloud environment, the data you store in it and regulatory compliance requirements. Its therefore crucial to have people on your team or partners to work with who have a thorough understanding of security and the cloud environments you use. By combining those skills, you can ensure you have proper security controls in place.   3. People are core to security engineering You need the right team in place to successfully set up a secure AWS cloud environment. But dont make the mistake of then immediately dropping people from the equation. All the cloud native tools and monitoring you set up wont be valuable if you lack teams and processes that enable you to respond to problems. Tools can tell you about whats happening in your cloud environment, but if you dont have anyone monitoring it 24x7, you risk getting compromised and losing data. So ensure your organization has a SOC-like capability to more thoroughly protect your cloud environment.   4. Security is not a one-time engagement Dont set up a secure AWS environment and think the jobs done when its only just begun. Security engineering is not a one-time engagement that occurs when you spin up a new account. It needs to evolve constantly, based on your use of the cloud. Create processes that mandate a regular review of your AWS cloud environment. Work with people who understand what youre doing with it, how your use of the cloud has changed and any new services youve started to use. Security controls and processes must then adapt accordingly.   5. The cloud is radically different from what came before Some organizations struggle when transitioning to the cloud from dedicated environments. They are used to segregating internal resources the secure environment  from the outside world by using a perimeter protection device. This provides a good level of protection in a dedicated scenario, but its not enough in the cloud. Not everything in the cloud runs on the server. You cannot protect everything with a single firewall. Your security approach must therefore be very different. Think beyond your network regarding threat detection (such as considering API calls to your cloud environment that wont necessarily go through your corporate firewall), use appropriate rather than solely familiar tools and products, and work with people who understand the threats, risks and security solutions and tools inside-out.   Security in partnership To be effective in securing your AWS cloud, you need expertise in security, the cloud environment itself, and cloud native security products all while being aware of the rapid changes in security engineering and keeping pace with such developments. This can overwhelm, which is why organizations often partner with experts in the field. Rackspace Technology is the first consulting managed security service provider (MSSP) partner for AWS Security Hub, offering consulting services for AWS cloud native security products, including around-the-clock support from certified security experts in our global Security Operations Center (SOC). Rackspace Technology believes in the core fundamentals outlined in this article: security must come first; one size does not fit all; and security engineering needs evolve over time. This is why we offer managed security services using cloud native security products, such as our Cloud Native Security solution for AWS. Our aim is to combine skills and expertise to help you achieve your security goals and protect your cloud environment. But whether you choose to partner up or handle it alone, do prioritize making sure your cloud environments are secure before its too late.   Five golden rules of security planning in the AWS cloud Keep these five golden rules of security planning in mind as you plan and build out your cloud environment. Secure your AWS environment, from day one. /managed-aws/capabilities/securityLearn how

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Planning & Sustainability

2020-10-15 02:28:02| PortlandOnline

PDF Document, 1,081kbCategory: City Budget Office Analysis

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Registration now open for 2020 USMEF Strategic Planning Conference

2020-10-02 14:48:00| National Hog Farmer

Featured general session speakers include Anja Manuel, a former diplomat, and Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, former assistant U.S. trade representative.

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