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Moving Violations Video No. 159: Equipment Grounding Conductors and Boxes

2018-01-17 19:17:50| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

In this episode, Russ finds a violation of Sec. 250.148(C) of the 2017 NEC. When circuit conductors are spliced in a box the Code requires all equipment grounding conductors associated with those circuit conductors to be connected within the box or t

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Code Quiz: Disconnecting Means for Fixed Industrial Process Heating Equipment

2018-01-04 19:17:45| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Fill in the blank. For fixed industrial process heating equipment without supplementary overcurrent protection and no motor rated greater than 1/8 HP, the branch-circuit switch or circuit breaker shall be permitted to serve as the disconnecting means

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Audit says more than $5.4 million in equipment has gone missing from Louisiana's Recovery District

2017-12-21 01:16:35| American School & University

Legislative Auditor's Office says district does not maintain adequate records as the state requires.

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Defence budget: New equipment at risk over MoD savings 'doubts'

2017-12-17 02:04:47| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

MPs warn plans for new military equipment - including warships and jets - could be at risk.

Tags: equipment risk budget savings


Man Throws Away Valuable Bitcoin Equipment, Looks to Dig Up Landfill to Retrieve It

2017-12-05 18:17:25| Waste Age

James Howells is claiming that his laptop hard drive that may or may not function now could be worth more than $80 million, and he is looking to dig up a landfill to retrieve it.

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