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GlobalData: hydrogen to become game changer as large-scale source of cleaner power

2020-07-06 09:56:07| Green Car Congress

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Open Source Security Issues Exist: Deal With Them, Report Urges

2020-06-25 19:46:33| TechNewsWorld

Open Source Software is becoming much more commonplace within organizations, bringing a different set of risks and perceived challenges compared to closed source or proprietary software. The Information Security Forum has released a report to help security professionals recognize the benefits and perceived challenges of using Open Source Software.

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Why France's wine industry should look beyond COVID-19 for the source of its woes - comment

2020-06-01 16:05:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

The wine producers in France are in a bit of a hole - but then, so is every other wine company around the world. Unlike their foreign peers, however, the French can't lay the blame squarely at a pandemic's door. Indeed, as Chris Losh discovers, the guilty party is much closer to home.

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Abandoned Open Source Code Heightens Commercial Software Security Risks

2020-05-13 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

Outdated or abandoned open source components are persistent in practically all commercial software, putting enterprise and consumer applications at risk from security issues, license compliance violations, and operational threats, concludes the Synopsys 2020 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report. The report highlights trends and patterns in open source usage within commercial applications.

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MEEP, open source HPC hardware and software

2020-05-02 17:11:41| Oil IT Journal - www.oilit.com

Repsol-backed MareNostrum exascale computer to defend EU tech 'sovereignty'.

Tags: software open source hardware


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