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NEC Requirements for Sizing Outlet Boxes

2019-03-20 00:31:07| Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Under- and oversizing outlet boxes can wreak havoc on your installations.

Tags: requirements outlet boxes nec


Ethiopian Airlines: Crash plane's black boxes sent to Paris

2019-03-14 14:06:54| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Investigators in France are to analyse the crashed Ethiopian Airlines aircraft's flight and voice boxes.

Tags: black paris boxes crash


'I spent 700 on loot boxes in a month'

2019-03-07 01:01:02| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Online gamer George Proud says loot boxes within popular computer games are addictive.

Tags: month spent boxes loot


Eros Now integrated with Virgin TV connected boxes

2019-02-28 16:30:00| Digital TV News

Eros Now (NYSE:EROS) has announced an integration deal with Virgin Media in the United Kingdom. The premium Indian OTT app will be available on Virgin TV connected boxes as part of its 'Desi Pack' with effect from February 28, 2019.

Tags: integrated connected boxes virgin


What Will Happen to All of the Vacant Sears/Kmart Boxes?

2019-02-28 11:30:23| National Real Estate Investor

While some boxes will be retrofitted, others will be razed as it may be cheaper and easier to start over. Meanwhile, the weakest locations may sit vacant for years.

Tags: happen boxes vacant


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