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IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Webinar, 'Using Gallium Nitride (GaN) FETs For Envelope Tracking Buck Converters'

2014-08-22 10:48:18| electronicsweb Home Page

An Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) expert on the application of gallium nitride transistors in envelope tracking power circuit design will conduct a one-hour webinar sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) on September 3rd from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT)

Tags: power society electronics tracking


EDA Helps Establish An Independent European Supply Chain For Advanced Gallium Nitride Technologies

2014-07-04 11:21:05| rfglobalnet Home Page

New developments for the production of electronic components based on the efficient semiconductor gallium nitride help to move the European defence industry towards independence.

Tags: advanced supply independent technologies


Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Introduces High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer Demonstration System Operating At 6.78 MHz Featuring High Frequency Gallium Nitride (eGaN) FETs

2014-07-01 10:14:21| wirelessdesignonline News Articles

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) recently announce the introduction of demonstration boards for wireless power transfer in an innovative high performance topology; Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) Class-D.

Tags: high system power operating


Boron Nitride Aerosol utilizes non-flammable solvent.

2014-06-09 14:32:14| Industrial Newsroom - All News for Today

Applied at room temperature, Boron Nitride Aerosol Lubricoat®-NF is based on Necosolv™ non-flammable solvent system with green Solstice™ HFO-1234-ze propellant. Once dry to touch, product can be used from cryogenic temperatures up to 1,000°C in air, 1,400°C in vacuum, and 1,800°C in inert/nitrogen atmospheres. Product provides non-stick release, is electrically insulating and thermally conducting, and is nonreactive/nonwetting with most molten metals, glasses, and slags. This story is related to the following:Material Handling and Storage Sponsored by: Dalmec Inc - Tile AdBoron Nitride | Aerosols Spray Can Trigger Handles | Aerosol Lubricants

Tags: utilizes solvent aerosol boron


Lighting The Way To Graphene-Based Devices: Berkeley Lab Researchers Use Light To Dope Graphene Boron Nitride Heterostructures

2014-05-27 11:35:12| rfglobalnet Home Page

Graphene continues to reign as the next potential superstar material for the electronics industry, a slimmer, stronger andmuch faster electron conductor than silicon.

Tags: light devices lighting researchers


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