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Rover Operations Engineer

2019-02-15 12:29:14| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

This position will be responsible for the mission control and operations for ispaces rover team. The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge base in Mission Control Systems, Ground Station Networks and Mission Operations for space systems. The candidate is also required to have good understanding of Satellite operations. The effort includes all phases of design, from the definition of requirements, to the deployment of the system for the operational use and maintenance.

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EPSSG Operations Preparation Engineer mfd

2019-02-15 10:29:13| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

LSE Space GmbH is truly an international company with widespread expertise in large international projects often crossing multiple organizational, cultural, and technological barriers. LSE Space is looking for experienced Engineers mfd in order to fulfill the duty of EPSSG Operations Preparation Engineer for our customer EUMETSAT in DarmstadtGermany. For our activities at EUMETSAT, we are currently seeking to employ highly motivated and enthusiastic EPSSG Operations Preparation Engineer to work in an exciting innovative international environment. The EUMETSAT Polar System Second Generation EPSSG will be based on a twosatellite configuration with respectively a launch readiness by 2021 for the first satellite and by 2022 for the second satellite. Recurrent satellites will be provided and launched in order to achieve a minimum of 21 years of operations. The main objective of the Operation Preparation activities is to deliver a system ready for routine operations together with a qualified operations team. The primary responsibilities of this role will be The activities will cover Operations Preparation for multisatellite operations and coordination tasks focusing on onboard software OBSW tools and end to end procedures. The end to end OBSW responsibility will also encompass the coordination of the development of the satellite operation procedures. The tasks and responsibilities will typically include the following Manage the OBSW images delivered to EUM and maintain adequate configuration of the OBSW tool in coordination with the Ops Prep satellite team. This, with the objective to ensure harmonisation of the management on ground and on board of the images. Produce the OBSW Ops Guide and related operation procedures. Responsible for the end to end operational concept to manage reference and characterisation Databases being delivered to EUMETSAT. This also includes operational interfaces with industry. Define for each type of Database its life cycle and configuration control for operation usage. This will also imply the definition of Operations Department OPS documentation, procedures and working practices. In charge of the development of the Satellite Operational Database based on the Satellite Reference Database and OPIT inputs. Manage the Operational Database against changes to successive Satellite Reference Databases deliveries. Provide a single interface within OPIT for the Satellite and Instrument Characteristic Databases and support FDF and PDAP experts for their respective Databases. Contribute to OICDs with external partners with respect to OBSW and Databases items. Manage Ops Prep database editor tool and OBSW tool environments. Contribute to the setting up of the OPS Configuration Management CM tool to manage satellite and ground configuration control. Coordinate the needs for operational configurations of the OBSW tools, procedures and Databases for a multi ground segment environments OPE, VAL, ENG and multisatellites. Provide services to the MCO and PDAP ground segment development teams as Ops Prep representative with respect to OBSW and Databases interfaces and tools. Ideal candidate In addition to having a University degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline, the key person shall have a demonstrated experience of at least three years in the field of spacecraft and ground segment operations with specific experience as follow Specific Requirements Satellite operation preparation and routine operations phases OBSW maintenance expertise with good knowledge of Configuration Management CM processes for both ground images and onboard memory management Satellite Databases management in the frame of the operation preparation phase Experience on Operation Preparation tools such as procedure editor and databases management tools Familiarity with the definition of operational interfaces and interactions with industry or external partners. Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the Key person to have experience with some of the following Knowledge of the ECSS E7041 Telemetry Telecommand Packet Utilisation standard Knowledge of the mission control systems SCOS and OBSM application Knowledge of the mission control systems SCOS MIB and SCOS MIB editors e.g. DABYS Knowledge of SQL and database management tools Some programming and scripting skills would also be an asset. The candidate shall be selfmotivated and able to work in an organised and efficient manner without supervision. Strong data analysis, processing and synthesis skills are essential and an ability to recognise opportunities for improvements in areas of work and implement appropriate solutions is highly desirable. The official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French. The working language for the position is English and therefore the key person must be able to work effectively in this language and have knowledge of the other. Good communication skills would be also an advantage. Location of work DarmstadtGermany. Note Some travel within Europe may also be required. Benefits A permanent employment contract. Competitive salary plus a comprehensive benefits package. Career path. Security In line with Asylum Immigration Legislation, all applicants must be eligible to live and work in the EU. Documented evidence of eligibility will be required from candidates as part of the recruitment process. Furthermore, in view of the nature of the work the company is in, all potential employees will undergo stringent reference and identity checks. You are looking for a challenging position in a very interesting, international environment? Then please apply online as soon as possible.

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Copernicus Data Processing Operations Engineer

2019-02-11 14:30:18| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Help us prepare the operations buildup of the planned Sentinel6 high precision altimetry mission and coordinate routine operations for the data processing and product extraction systems for other Copernicus Missions. EUMETSAT is the European operational satellite agency for monitoring weather, climate and the environment. We are leading the system definition, ground segment development, operations preparations and operations for the Sentinel6 mission, part of the highprofile Copernicus Programme. We are looking for an experienced Data Processing Operations Engineer to coordinate the operations build up for the Copernicus Sentinel6JasonCS mission due for launch in 2020. This is a unique opportunity to establish guides, documents and procedures for the data processing systems for both the primary altimetry and the secondary radiooccultation missions. You will support the Payload Data Processing PDP development activities, contributing to verification and operational validation procedures. As part of the role, you will define and implement procedures and tools for the quality monitoring of products, coordinating routine operations for the data processing and product extraction systems delivering Level 0 to Level 2 products for all Copernicus missions exploited by EUMETSAT. Using your expertise, you will contribute to the definition and product processing concepts for future missions, supporting training activities relevant to Copernicus data processing. Your work at EUMETSAT This is a 247 operational environment, managing complex data and product processing systems. You will need to be comfortable working effectively under pressure, with a minimum of supervision. You will bring your experience of managing near realtime data processing of spaceborne imaging andor sounding instruments, along with an ability to work in a UNIXLINUX environment. Strong analytical and problemsolving skills are essential, as is an ability to write concise and focused technical support documentation. You must be a team player, with the ability to effectively communicate complex information. Given the operational nature of this role, you would be expected to provide oncall support. This is an outstanding opportunity to become involved in one of our most exciting projects. You will get the chance to collaborate with both internal and external partners on a global platform. What we offer EUMETSAT provides a collaborative, international environment with opportunities to establish a long career perspective. We offer a competitive salary and outstanding benefits. We offer the chance to work on exciting satellite programmes. You will play a leading role in supporting the operations of our current and future satellite programme making a difference to our missions and partners, often working with people who are experts in their field. Does this sound like you? Have a look at our website to find out how you can help us make a world of difference. The closing date is 4th March.

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System Operations Engineer

2019-02-05 12:32:24| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

We are looking to further enhance our team by adding a System Operations Engineer You will be based at our clients headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. In this large European Agency you will find an excellent and modern working environment with challenging tasks and responsibilities. Your Tasks As a member of RealTime Services and System Operations RSO, the Key Person shall provide support to the operation of the Jason2 and 3 satellites and SARAL satellite. Main duties will include Contribute to Jason2 3 and SARAL operations, as well as to the operational documents updates for all these missions Providing mission performance statistics as needed, Jason2 3 and SARAL missions Contribute to the overall planning of the operational activities of the Jason2, 3 and SARAL elements in coordination with the teams responsible for the evolutions of the system and with external partners providing inputs to the planning and scheduling weekly meetings Definition of key parameters for monitoring and reporting service performance for these missions. Configuration of the monitoring tools, including SMART Viewers. Regular monitoring of service performance and preparation of periodic performance reports update of the reports to include the new services Preparation of training material, and conduct training for the engineers, analysts and controllers teams for these missions Contribute to anomaly investigation and monitoring of the close out of anomalies for these missions support anomaly review board meetings Coordination of operational activities with the Partner Organisations for the Jason3, Jason2, and SARAL missions NASAJPL, NOAA, CNES, EC. The role comprises a range of tasks including the provision of support to the routine operation of the LEO GEO ground segments, as well as their evolution to include new programmes and system operations. The Key Person will be responsible for the definition andor maintenance of the routine operations procedures pertaining to system operations and the interfaces of the key systems within the ground segment, in accordance with the established Client Operations Department configuration management and quality assurance practices. The Key Person will acquire and maintain a Systemwide view of the Client ground segments. The Key Person will review any planned changes to the system configurations for LEO and GEO ground segments and support the investigation of anomalies encountered through the routine system and ground segment operations. The Key Person will provide support to the development and operations preparation for recurrent satellites in existing operational programs, and for future operational programs now in development. The key person will interface with project teams on the implementation of system upgrades to support major operations projects, including System MidTerm Evolution Plan, recurrent satellites, and any System hardware and operating system obsolescence upgrade. The Key Person will perform the following routine operations tasks Definition and maintenance of system operations procedures, including System and ground segment procedures and operations guides Liaison with the spacecraft operations team to ensure the continuity and optimisation of spacecraft monitoring and control activities Liaison and coordination with the ground segment facility operations teams and system operations analysts to ensure the continuity and optimisation of ground segment and mission operations through procedure and operations guide updates, configuration changes, database or user interface changes etc. Interface and coordination with thesystems maintenance teams and industry representatives to ensure optimised performance, including participating in the definition and implementation of any changes Provision of support to operational ground segment analyses Provision of standbyoncall support as system operations engineer, on an as needed basis. This will be coordinated through the normal oncall process Provision of support, as required, to critical operations Processing and coordination of system anomalies, their documentation, investigation, classification and resolutionmitigation, including participation in Anomaly Review Boards Participation in technical meetings, formal reviews, and scheduling and planning meetings Processing and coordination of system modifications, including their documentation, approval, and implementation, including participation in Change Review Boards Support to, and participation in, the functional verification and operational validation of system upgrades and evolutions, both standalone and in the context of an overall ground segment. Provision of training, through written materials, practical demonstrations and presentations, to other members of the Operations Team. Your Profile In addition to having a university degree or equivalent in a relevant technical discipline, the Key Person shall have the following mandatory attributes At least five years experience of System Operations in a realtime spacecraft operations environment At least three years work experience defining and implementing the verification and validation of ground segment systems At least three years work experience defining, development, integration, acceptance testing and operation of mission data systems. Experience of the following would be a distinct advantage Earth Observation ground segments Project and technical management coordination. Experience of communications systems operations Experience of operations security Experience in business continuity techniques and associated system operations Experience in the operations preparation and routine operations of Geostationary GEO and Low Earth Orbit LEO satellite systems Experience of coordination of systems development and upgrades within a 247 operations environment Familiarity with ECSS and CCSDS standards related to spacetoground interfaces and applicable to Satellite Monitoring Control Systems Packet Telemetry and Telecommand standards, PUS Packet Utilisation Standard, etc. Windows Linux operating systems Experience in leading a small team of engineers. While the official languages are English and French, the working language for the position is English and therefore the Key Person must be able to work effectively in this language. REFERENCE 15795950 LOCATION Darmstadt, Germany CONTACT recruitmoltek.com CLOSING DATE 28th February 2019 MOLTEK has been serving the space and aerospace industries since 1995, providing international consultancy services for a wide variety of clients from private and public corporations to national and international authorities and agencies. For more detailed information about MOLTEK go to www.moltek.com

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Dissemination Operations Engineer

2019-01-17 16:29:33| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

We are looking for Dissemination Operations Engineers in order to support our customer EUMETSAT in the challenges of MultiMission Data Dissemenation Operations. Beside the Meteosat Second Generation fleet MSG, EUMETSAT is operating the EUMETSAT Polar System Metop satellites. Furthmore, the Copernicus satellites Sentinel3 are also controlled by EUMETSAT in Darmstadt. Currently the future mission Meteosat Thrid Generation MTG as well the EPSSG as well as the Sentinel6 mission are under development by ESA, EUMETSAT and industry. Responsabilities Duties The Dissemination engineers will be tasked to support Dissemination Operations and Enginnering for the different missions of EUMETSAT MSG, MTG, Sentinel3, Sentinel6, EPS, EPSSG, which includes Routine data service operations, as well as for the commissioning phase of new satellites leading to the routine operations Scheduling and coordination of daily operations of the dissemination systems Monitoring the dissemination and encryption functions within the EUMETSAT Ground Segments, including performance monitoring and in the case of anomalies, the identification and application of firstline corrective actions Perform anomaly investigations Provision of support, as required, to critical andor special operations Furthermore the Engineer shall support the Operational Data Flow Monitioring, the Operational Documentation and Interface with other teams and partners inside and outside EUMETSAT. In order to cope with future challenges, the Evolution of the Sissemination Systems will be part of your tasks Aquisition and maintenance of an operational view of the dissemination and encryption functions of the ground segment, as well as a systemwide understanding of its interfaces with multimission elements MMEs and external interfaces Participation in the operational validation of dissemination related system upgrades and evolutions, both standalone and in the context of an overall ground segment Contribution to the integration and validation of components deliveries, as well as implementation of new products, including configuration control activities. Qualification Experience University degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline. At least 3 years experience in Operations or software maintenance of realtime file based data dissemination systems In realtime data services in a highavailability environment 247 Monitoring of near realtime data flows in large computer networks 1st and 2nd level support in data services Essential Skills Familiar with DVB stallite communications and Ground Segment Operations Experience in the Linux distributions and Windows as a user Computer Analysis Skills Logs and Events Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, Powerpoint Familiar with configuration control Knowledge and experience in Encryption technologies, USB smart cards, TripleDES Furthermore experience in the interaction with endusers via email, phone or other online tools. Desirable Skills Knowledge and Experience in DVB based receiveonly earth stations for satellite communications Knowledge and Experience in DVB based receiveonly earth stations for satellite communications Experience with the DVBS2 technology Experience with IP multicast data distribution systems, such as Tellicast by Newtec Experience with major network TCPIP, UDP, etc and network application ftp, sftp, ssh, https, etc protocols are an asset. Further experience with dissemination of meteorological andor environmental products, knowledge of XML, experience of hardwaresoftwaresystem testing and being familiar with subversion, cvs, and eclipse are highly beneficial. Further Details Europass CV, certificates

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