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Calling BS on Clueless Predictions by Musk and Ma

2019-09-02 14:03:35| TechNewsWorld

Elon Musk and Jack Ma floated some radical ideas last week. Two of the most powerful men in the world, both have invested heavily in AI. Ma, who is the Alibaba Group cofounder and a huge advocate for the 12-hour a day six-day Chinese work week in tech, indicated that he believed AI would reduce the work week from 72 hours, where it now is in China, to 12 hours -- that is, three 4-hour workdays.

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Mayor Ted Wheeler Joins 230+ Mayors Calling on the Senate to Act on Bipartisan Gun Safety Legislation

2019-08-27 23:49:24| PortlandOnline

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A group of US billionaires is calling for a wealth tax

2019-06-24 22:38:07| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

A group of 18 wealthy individuals is arguing that politicians have a moral duty to tax them more.

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The Benefits of the Cold Calling Process for Your Rep Organization

2019-06-01 12:00:05| MANAonline.org

by Michelle Jobst, CPMR, Jobst Incorporated Cold calling It can seem like an old fashioned and inefficient task. I would imagine that most salespeople enjoy other contact points more than this one. So why do it? When it is

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Waterstones staff hand in petition calling for living wage

2019-04-08 20:36:22| BBC News | Business | UK Edition

Staff are calling for pay increases to combat the "stress" of low pay.

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