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Cybersecurity and Your New Remote Workforce

2020-06-30 13:00:00| TechNewsWorld

For most organizations, COVID-19 has been a literal transformative agent. Our organizations have almost overnight gone from environments where teleworking was an exception, to where it's the norm. As any student of human nature will tell you, people tend to view "the new" with reservation. There's a temptation when things are new to assume the worst about them. For security pros, this means we often view new things as riskier than things we're familiar with.

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Cybersecurity Engineer

2020-06-08 14:12:55| Space-careers.com Jobs RSS

Summary Currently seeking an experienced Engineer to work for Telespazio VEGA UK in support of ESAESTEC with cybersecurity and cryptographic engineering aspects of navigation systems. The primary purpose of the role will be to support the Radio Navigation Systems Techniques Section on system security design concepts. This will include specification, design and security risk analysis, with an emphasis on cyber security and cryptography aspects. Responsibilities Duties The key tasks and responsibilities, will include, but are not limited to Definition and evaluation of system security design concepts Definition of system and segment requirements, interacting with system and segment experts, focussing on cyber security and PRS topics Evaluation of segment proposals focussing on cyber security and PRS Support to the ESA Engineering Board process, in order to maintain the requirements system baseline using DOORS Support to Procurement, Development, Integration, Validation of System Security Tools validating the Navigation System Concept Support to PRS Test Benches whenever required by the ESA Galileo Security Office Supporting technology developments Signal generator and Receiver in preparation of PRS test bench and security activities Supporting the procurement of system tools e.g. Emulators, Test Bed contributing to the proof of concept and experimentation of PRS evolutions Participation in the overall Radio Navigation RD roadmap, focussed on cybersecurity engineering aspects, with emphasis on the domains of Radio Navigation receivers and other System Verification Tools. Qualifications Experience Masters or higher or equivalent in telecommunications or electronic engineering, or cybersecurity engineering. Minimum four years relevant experience in the field. Strong knowledge on the design of satellite radio navigation systems, ranging and positioning techniques and technologies, including recent trends in robust PNT would be an asset. Essential Skills Extensive experience in the design and development of large distributed security systems is highly relevant. Knowledge of the ISO27000 standard is an asset. Extensive knowledge on Cryptographic techniques applied to authentication and encryption in navigation systems is highly relevant. Experience relevant with GNSS systems and equipment including receivers and good knowledge of Radio Navigation simulation and testing systems, including cyber security and cryptographic aspects, will be an asset. Qualities Proficient in the English language spoken and written Very good organisation and communication skills, a proactive attitude to solving problems and an interest in innovative technologies Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams and autonomously

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Tencent raises USD 6 bln in bond offering, pledges investment of USD 70 bln into cloud, AI, cybersecurity

2020-05-29 15:43:00| Telecompaper Headlines

(Telecompaper) The company has pledged to invest USD 70 billion into new infrastructure over the coming five years, Reuters noted, citing a statement to state media by company SVP Dowson Tong. The money will go into cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, and namely in blockchain, servers, big data centres, supercomputer centres, IoT operating systems, 5G networks and quantum computing.

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Tech Investments Ramp Up as Remote Work Heightens Cybersecurity Risks

2020-04-02 21:00:00| OGI

An unprecedented shift to remote work has forced U.S. businesses to rethink organizational policy and security measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Bad news for hackers: UK govt announces new IoT cybersecurity law

2020-01-27 01:00:00| Total Telecom industry news

The commercial market for connected devices is booming, with new variations of IoT technology arriving on the market every day. The scale of this market is truly enormous, with research suggesting there will be 75 billion connected devices in homes by 2025.   But, beside the smart thermostat creating the perfect temperature and the smart TV adjusting the programme’s audio, there is an elephant in the room…read more on TotalTele.com »

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