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Influencer Marketing Evolution 0 The #CMWorld Twitter Chat With Lee Odden

2018-03-15 13:30:02| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

TopRank Marketing chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden conducted a live Twitter chat ahead of his September speaking event at Content Marketing World, exploring the evolution of influencer marketing. Lee will be speaking multiple times during Content Marketing World over the week of September 4 - 7 at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, and his recent Twitter live chat presented below offers an excellent glimpse into many areas he'll be covering. Content Marketing World: What are the advantages of working with influencers and producing co-created content? Lee: At the most basic level, collaborating with relevant influencers to co-create content that is promoted by those influencers helps brands connect with potential customers that are ignoring the brands advertising and salesy promotions. Trusted experts with personality and persuasion skills are good people to have in your corner when it comes to content marketing. But there are other benefits too including boosting SEO performance of content, providing a source of content creation expertise outside of your marketing department, insights into the industry, creative skills not present within your company - to name a few. For those that like lists, heres a list of top level benefits from co-creating content with influencers: Authenticity Trust Variety Quality Quantity Reach Engagement Conversion On top of all that, 89 percent of marketers believe influencer marketing can positively impact how people feel about a brand, according to @emarketer. Content Marketing World question: Is influencer marketing appropriate for both B2C & B2B brands? How do you ensure your company and chosen influencer interests align? Lee: Two great questions! First, influencer marketing is appropriate for every organization that publishes content and wants to bypass ad blockers, advertising blindness and lack of trust. That means B2C, B2B as well as EDU, GOV and Non-profits. B2C Influencer Marketing has many more influencers & creators to work with as well as marketplaces to shop for influencers to engage. Many B2C influencers are expects at being influencers vs. subject matter experts. But not all of course. B2B Influencer Marketing involves industry experts and content collaboration for a much longer sales cycle. There are no marketplaces for B2B so most brands use IRM platforms like @Traackr or @Onalytica. Aligning company and influencer interests starts by being clear on what influence topic youre after and finding the most relevant matching influencers. Provide a compelling offer and a great experience for the influencer and the will deliver. Content Marketing World question: What are some questions marketers should ask when identifying influencers? Are there tools that can help? Lee: The first question a brand should ask before seeking influencers is to confirm what topics represent the intersection of customer interest and brand goals. What does the brand want to be influential about that customers also care about? The most common mistake brands make when identifying influencers is to focus on network size. Fake followers, bots, purchased followers, etc can give misleading metrics. Focus on: Relevance: Topical match Resonance: Audience engagement Reach: Network size Here are a few tools to help you find, qualify and recruit influencers. Remember, a tool is only as good as the expertise of the user: @buzzsumo @followerwonk @mention @grouphigh @TheInkybee @Brandwatch @linkedinselling (client) @onalytica @Traackr When finding influencers theres a BIG distinction between behaving like an influencer and being influential. Many subject matter experts are not extroverts or social savvy. They can still play a role though and engaging them is different. Content Marketing World question: How can you create value for the influencers you work with? What benefit does it need to provide them? Lee: The most important value to create for influencers is relevant recognition. But you have to learn thats what the influencer wants before you offer it. Other forms of value include access to information, products/services and brand experts. Compensation is a pretty big motivator as well - especially in B2C. Dont make the mistake of thinking that all top influencers want big money and nothing else. Another mistake is to think that mid-level and microinfluencers only want recognition. A blend of compensation and recognition can work very well in most cases. Content Marketing World question: Beyond brand awareness and advocacy, how can influencers help improve leads and sales? Lee: Marketers that map the full customer lifecycle with an understanding of buyer questions, pain, & goals for each stage should be able to match relevant influencers to each of those stages - including consideration and purchase. Rather than brandividuals to create awareness, consideration and purchase can include customer influencers, employee influencers and domain experts that evaluate solutions. Its great when brands answer buyers questions, but when trusted, credible experts answer those questions, it can facilitate lead quality, speed, order size and conversion rates. I know everyone likes video these days, so heres a

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Ready To Scale Your Content? Catch Lee Oddens Pubcon Florida 2018 Keynote

2018-03-09 16:47:49| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

A great opportunity to catch TopRank Marketing chief executive and co-founder Lee Odden speak about the latest trends and research in participation marketing is coming up soon, as he'll be presenting a major keynote address during the Pubcon Florida 2018 conference. Lee's keynote, "Participation Marketing: A World of Content Co-Creation, Influencers, and Integration," will take place on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Lee will once again take to the Pubcon stages, after delivering a highly-acclaimed keynote during October's week-long Pubcon Las Vegas 2017 event. On the heels of my return to the search marketing world at Pubcon Las Vegas and all the amazing people in it, I am excited to be keynoting the Pubcon Florida 2018 conference, Lee said. My recovering SEO days are over! He'll be exploring the converging roles of influencer marketing, public relations and communications, and how content and marketing are creating a rapid demand for new strategies, skills, and expectations. As earned and owned media meld and intertwine, communications professionals who fast-track their ability to adapt and evolve can gain a competitive advantage in this newly-emerging world of PR. [caption id="attachment_6801" align="alignright" width="200"] Lee Odden[/caption] Join us at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center for the always-entertaining and insightful Odden at Pubcon Florida 2018 to catch his keynote and learn the latest tested and proven models, strategies, and tactics for content marketing, including an examination of the following nuanced areas: Content marketing and what it really means for earned, owned, and shared media How content co-creation enables content quality at scale Redefining what influence and working with influencers mean for content Key opportunities to integrate the best of PR and marketing for meaningful digital communications that deliver an impact Registration and conference details are available on the Pubcon Florida 2018 website. The post Ready To Scale Your Content? Catch Lee Odden’s Pubcon Florida 2018 Keynote appeared first on Newsroom.

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Molson Coors promotes Lee Reichert to chief legal & corporate affairs officer

2018-02-13 10:56:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

Molson Coors has lined up the promotion of Lee Reichert to the role of chief legal & corporate affairs officer. 

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Explore the New World of PR at #Pubcon 2017 with Lee Odden

2017-11-07 16:27:41| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

Once upon a time, public relations was a fairly straightforward practice involving press releases, media outreach and crisis management. Those components of the role remain, but PR has grown infinitely more complex. Todays communications professional must become adept at expanding his or her brands reach in bold new ways. This means co-creating content, working with influencers, and understanding the unique values of earned, owned, and shared media. At Pubcon Las Vegas 2017, TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden will explore this convergence in his Thursday morning keynote. Drawing from his extensive experience with integrated digital communications, Lee will outline the biggest opportunities that exist right now, and how you can capitalize for maximum impact. Here are the details around a session you wont want to miss: Participation Marketing: The New World of Content Co-Creation, Influencers and Integration for PR Time: Thursday, November 11, 9:00 AM 9:55 AM Place: Keynote Area South Hall The converging roles of PR and communications with content and marketing is creating rapid demand for new strategies, skills and expectations. As earned and owned media intertwine, communications professionals who fast track their ability to adapt and evolve will gain a competitive advantage in their roles in the new world of PR. Well see you Thursday morning!   The post Explore the New World of PR at #Pubcon 2017 with Lee Odden appeared first on Newsroom.

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See TopRank Marketings Lee Odden Talk Confluence at Dreamforce

2017-11-01 16:50:47| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

Confluence (noun): a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point. That word can be aptly applied to Dreamforce, the annual event put on by Salesforce that draws more than 100,000 people to the streets of San Francisco. Dubbed as the largest software conference in the world, its a celebration of technological innovation attended by professionals from almost every industry and vertical. But confluence will take on a slightly different meaning on Tuesday when TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden gives his presentation at Palace Hotel. A longtime content evangelist and a leading voice in the influencer marketing movement, Lee will talk about confluence as the convergence of content and influencers, and how B2B marketers can take advantage of this trending frontier. Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing are both cornerstone services at TopRank Marketing, so were always excited to talk about the two strategies and how theyre becoming more intertwined. Here are the details around Lees session: The Confluence Equation: Content & Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success Time: Tuesday, November 7, 9:00 AM - 9:40 AM Place: Palace Hotel, Grand Ballroom Rose Content and influencer marketing are hot topics for B2B marketers all over the world as two of the most promising strategies for attracting, engaging, and converting ideal customers. What many marketers don't realize is how collaborating with influencers can create even more credible, relevant, and optimized experiences for target accounts. Join Lee Odden to learn how working with influencers and their communities can help scale quality B2B content that gets results. We hope to see you all gathering at one point (the Grand Ballroom Rose) with us at 9:00 am on Tuesday! The post See TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden Talk Confluence at Dreamforce appeared first on Newsroom.

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