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Will plant-based push the meat sector to change its marketing strategy?

2018-09-04 02:00:00| ThePigSite - Industry News

How is veganism disrupting the pork industry and how can pork producers positively respond to this? The Pig Site speaks to AHDB’s Senior Consumer Insight Analyst, Susie Stannard, about the most recent AHDB report on the rise of plant-based food products and how AHDB are encouraging farmers to use this market disruption as a chance to reconnect with consumers

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Nemiroff hooks up with UFC in global marketing deal

2018-09-03 16:34:00| Daily beverage news and comment - from just-drinks.com

Nemiroff has secured a global tie-up with the mixed martial arts brand UFC for its namesake vodka.

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Sabinsa Names New Marketing Director

2018-08-31 15:39:00| Happi Breaking News

Smith brings almost 30 years of experience to the team.

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Learn How Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Business with @TopRank Marketing at #CMWorld

2018-08-23 18:57:00| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

In less than two weeks TopRank Marketing chief executive Lee Odden and digital strategy director Ashley Zeckman will speak at one of the world's biggest content marketing conferences, as Content Marketing World 2018 takes place September 4 7 in Cleveland, Ohio. Lee will be making his eighth journey to Content Marketing World every one since the inaugural event in 2011 where he'll be presenting both a workshop and a solo presentation, while for Ashley 2018 marks her fourth year at the massive conference. Here's Lee and Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi at the very first conference: Ashley and Lee will be joined by a team of other TopRank Marketing professionals for a fantastic learning, networking, and live-blogging experience. WHEN TO CATCH LEE AND ASHLEY September 4th - 1:00pm - 4:00pm Workshop with Lee Odden: Rocket Science Simplified: How to Optimize, Socialize and Publicize B2B Content 91% of B2B companies use content marketing (CMI/MarketingProfs) but 50% of content gets 8 shares or less (Buzzsumo). Houston, we have a problem! What good is your out of this world content if no one experiences it? In this space-themed workshop, youll join Content Marketing Commander Lee Odden for an interstellar experience on how to effectively build content amplification into the before, during and after of the content creation process. (rocket fuel not included) Hell share the tips, tricks and tactics hes learned over 17 years of working with content payloads of all shapes and sizes that have rocketed B2B brands to success. September 5th - 1:45pm - 2:30pm Solo Presentation with Lee Odden: The Confluence Equation: How Content and Influencers Drive B2B Marketing Success Whats the secret formula to scalable, quality content? Find out how B2B brands, big and small like SAP, Dell, Cherwell and DivvyHQ able to create more awareness, engagement and pipeline with the confluence equation. Join influencer marketing pro Lee Odden as he shares a framework, formula and tools for content marketing success working with influencers. September 6th - 12:05pm - 12:50pm Solo Presentation with Ashley Zeckman: Influencer Marketing is only for B2C Brands (& Other Lies Your Parents Told You) For years celebrities have been gracing the covers of magazines, acting in commercials and pimping out their social media profiles for pay. But should that really be considered influencer marketing? While it may seem like B2C brands have influencer marketing all figured out, there is even more opportunity for B2B brands to begin building meaningful influencer relationships. See successful stories of content and influencer marketing in action as well as steps for getting scrappy and creating a stellar experience for audiences and influencers alike. Be sure to register using the Content Marketing World app before Lee and Ashley's sessions fill up, and check out some of the other amazing speakers we're looking forward to seeing. WE'D LOVE TO SEE YOU AT CONTENT MARKETING WORLD 2018! Along with Lee and Ashley, you can meet Jane, Nick and Annie from our team as they'll be in attendance and live-blogging many presentations. We hope you'll join Lee, Ashley, and the rest of the TopRank Marketing crew who will be at Content Marketing World 2018 over the week of September 4 7. Whether you can attend or not, follow our extensive live-blogging coverage throughout the week on TopRankBlog.com, and be sure to also follow @TopRank, @leeodden and @azeckman on Twitter for live conference updates. The post Learn How Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Business with @TopRank Marketing at #CMWorld appeared first on Newsroom.

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Intern Spotlight on Nicole Blake: Who She Is, What Shes Learning, and How She Sees the Marketing Industry

2018-07-26 12:30:27| Marketing and Public Relations - M&O

Yet another shift generational shift has arrived. For decades, understanding and reaching millennials has been a top priority for many brands and marketersand now more than ever as the generation represents the majority of the American workforce. However, Gen Zers are on the rise, with the oldest members of the generation getting big kid jobs and kicking off their careers. For marketers, this not only means adapting digital marketing strategies, but also nurturing the marketers-in-the-making who have or will join their ranks. At TopRank Marketing, were lucky enough to have a budding marketer and Gen Zer, Nicole Blake, on our team for the summer as our first-ever Digital Marketing Intern. And in honor of National Intern Day on July 26, we want you to get to know her, what shes learning, how she sees the digital marketing industry, and what she thinks the greatest opportunities to reach her generation are. Getting to Know Nicole Nicole grew up northwest of the Twin Cities in the Albertville-St. Michael area. For you locals: Yes. I grew up like 5 minutes from the huge Albertville Outlets, she quips. After graduating from high school, Nicole headed southwest of the cities to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato, where shes pursuing a degree in Marketing, with minors in Mass Media and Business Administration. But enough with the basics. How about a fun fact? According to Nicole, she earned quite an ironic nickname as a kid that refuses to go away. My nickname is Pickle. Pickle. I dont even like pickles, she laughs. I think it started as a rhyming thing when I was little, Nickel-Pickle, or something of the sort. My mom, along with her whole side of the family, call me Pickle more often than Nicole. In addition, Nicole is an avid traveler. There are so many places Id like to go, but I especially love the beach; sunshine and the ocean call to me, she says. [If I could jump on a plane tonight, Id go somewhere] like Bora Bora or Tahiti. What better way to relax than on a sandy island in French Polynesia, soaking up the warm rays in a private bungalow? Finally, perhaps the most intriguing, possibly disturbing fun-fact, when asked whether she prefers pancakes or waffles her response was: Im not much of a breakfast person. For what its worth, when pressed on the matter, she chose waffles. But, of course, well try to work breakfast education into her intern curriculum. How She Sees The Industry & Agency Life Now more than halfway through her internship with us, Nicole says shes encountered a few surprises with regards to the industry itself, as well as agency life. As for the industry, her sentiments are a good reminder that what we marketers do is nothing short of amazing but if were going to reach our changing audience and train up our newbies, we need collaboration. Whats surprised me the most about the industry is how much knowledge and expertise goes into planning, executing, and completing just one project, she shares. From a multi-faceted campaign to a single piece of content, getting a behind the scenes look at strategy and how much teamwork is needed has been super enlightening. Taking marketing courses and learning the concepts and terminology in the classroom is one thing, she adds. But actually getting the chance to apply those skills and gain hands-on experience in a real marketing agency has been nothing short of amazing. As for agency life, Nicole says shes been surprised by how casual it is. From the dress code to the environment and attitude of the agency, its been laid backin a good way, she says. No one ever seems too stressed out, but are also getting tons of things done each day. It's a fun place to work in. Nicoles Advice for Marketers on Reaching Her Generation These days, our entire lives are built around digital technologies So, it comes as no surprise that Nicole feels the best way to reach her generation is through digital means. Marketing messages that are intended for the younger generations should be disseminated through digital channels and smart devices to both engage and create personalization, she says. And building off the engagement and personalization piece, Nicole believes marketers need to strive to create an emotional connection with the younger generation. So, using humor or other emotion-evoking approaches are a must, in her opinion. We have short attention spans and we want to be moved, she explains. If we dont feel connected to the information or find it interesting, we most likely arent going to absorb it. If we dont feel connected to the information or find it interesting, we most likely arent going to absorb it. - Nicole Blake, Digital Marketing Intern, on reaching #GenZ When it comes to driving action, particularly when it comes to consumer products, make sure some of the tried-and-true value propositions are at the forefront of messaging. Much of my generation is still in school or just beginning their careers, Nicole says. We want value and purpose, but we also want affordability. Be explicit about freebies or special discounts; saving money is always an attention grabber. Cheers to the Next Generation of Marketing Thank you to Nicole for her insights and candidness especially your public admission that breakfast (and all its delicious glory) isnt your thing. Were so glad weve had the opportunity to work with you, get to know you, and help you get started on your marketing journey. For all the seasoned marketers out there, be ready for the next generation of marketers to join your ranks. They want to get their hands dirty, theyre down to collaborate, and they can bring you some interesting insight on how to reach the next generation. Finally, to all the interns out there. Happy National Intern Day! Interested in joining the TopRank Marketing team? Take a gander at our open positions. The post Intern Spotlight on Nicole Blake: Who She Is, What Shes Learning, and How She Sees the Marketing Industry appeared first on Newsroom.

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